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Gorgatron Chats with TBOS

by Paul Sokol
Phoenix loves death metal! That’s why we get so many awesome touring bands.
Gorgatron's debut album, Torturetorium
One band that is coming to town in June is Gorgatron and I got a chance to interview Paul from the band. He here is what he had to say:

Gorgatron is from North Dakota but who are you guys?
Who are we?! I’ll tell you BROTHER!

We’re the cheeseburger eatin’
Blast beatin’
Riff thrashin’, hipster bashin’
Wild men without a care
Women listen to our records and strip themselves bare!


What style of heavy metal can fans expect? What has influenced your sound?
Death metal, thrash, grindcore, sludge,
It’s basically the audio equivalent of getting choke slammed off a building into a dumpster full of scorpions.

Some things that influence us are: Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, four loco, cheap tacos, Legion of doom matches, Morbid Angel before they wrote that toe tappin’ techno album.

Where was your favorite show on tour, so far?
Im gonna go with the time we were supposed to play NYC. The show got all fucked over and we had to deal with a coked up fella we dubbed “70’s Porno Dracula” and his evil henchmen. Even a shitty gig (or lack there of) can be a learning experience, and that’s what life is about kids, learning………. and death metal.

Why did you decide to tour?
Because we’re coming to your front fuckin’ door to shove heavy metal down your throat and tear you away from YouTube for a couple hours. I’M TALKING TO YOU AMERICA!

Honestly I don’t think you’re a legitimate band until you put some miles on your old shitty van, and play for some tough crowds not comprised of your girlfriends and drinking buddies. People that don’t know or care about you will let you know fairly quickly if you suck or not.

When can the Phoenix scene see you play live?

We’ve been preparing, day in and day out. Our ability to out-party anyone is something we boast about.

Our guitars and drums are tuned with precision,
Which is why you should make the decision,
To walk down that isle,
Style and profile,

Jesus, just come to CLUB RED JUNE 10TH and let us and a bunch of other killer bands WHOOP THAT MONKEY ASS (musically).

We can’t wait to get sweaty in the desert with all of you!

Paul Harvey Johnson

Paul nailed it because all the other killer bands are local Arizona acts including Unholy Monarch and Avarice. This one-night-only slaughter features three other bands too! Get cheap tickets at the official Facebook event and invite your friends here!

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